Varathan Movie Review : The heroic Outsider

Another Amal Neerad magic revealed today. After four years Amal- Fahadh pair again set a suceess story. Varathan, malayalam movie released today, starring Fahad Faasil and Aiswarya Lakshmi in lead roles.Truly speaking,Varathan is a classic slow-paced entertainer from Amal Neerad.

The film was produced by Amal Neerad and co produced by Nazriya Nazim. Starting from a slow manner,the film ends with a thirty minute durable perfect action scenes which satisfies the expectation of audience.

The film tells the story of Priya and Abin. They are coming to stay on her father’s bungalow for a relief from their highly tensed life. Both Fahadh and Aishwarya portrayed their characters very well. In the first half, Fahadh have nothing to do with Abin other than portraying his role.


He showed audience how the character is. But things began to change when the film was approaching to its finishing point. In last 20-30 minutes the film is well made with brilliant and energetic action scenes. Aishwarya did a wonderful performance throughout the film.

It is doubtless that Priya had another milestone in her career after Appu in Mayanadhi. Sharafudheen, Arjun Ashokan and all other actors handled their roles very clearly. A well written script, innovative direction, realistic actors are the pillars of Varathan.


The film is telling a politically correct story in a slow-placed genre. Even there is nothing novel in the background of story, the way of presentation, placing and highlighting the socially relevant elements and technical applications made Varathan a strong narrative about current society.

Amal Neerad correctly shows us the feel of insecurity and isolation in home.It is very relevant point that our women experience how much insecurity and loneliness in home in current situation.The mask of moral policing was beautifully unveiled by Amal Neerad and team.

Music was done by Sushin Shyam cinematography was done by Littl swayamp and edited by Vivek Harshan. All the technical sides as brilliant enough to prepare this slow-paced thriller, so it is necessary to enjoy the movie in a theater with good cinematic quality.

BBM Rating : 3.5/5

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