Sarkar Review : Political drama which didn’t meet the expectation of fans

AR Murugadoss and Thalapathy Vijay Combo Sarkar is a full-fledged political action thriller served with necessary mass masala ingredients aimed at masses.


Vijay character Sundar is the CEO of the world’s leading company GL, known as the corporate monster and he can make and break companies across the globe. When Sundar comes to Chennai to cast his vote, he comes to know that his fundamental right was given to an unknown stranger.

This incident made Sundar goes to court and uses the unfamiliar 49 (P) section to recast his vote. Later, he inspires lakhs of people who lost their voting rights which causes re-election in Tamil Nadu.

By this time Sundar resigns his CEO post and competes against the biggest political party spearheaded by two veterans (Pala.Karuppaiah and Radha Ravi). A lot of youngsters and social activists also join in Sundar’s campaign of fighting against corrupt leaders.


Sarkar is Vijay’s show all the way, he carries it on his broad shoulders with his powerful dialogue delivery and impeccable performance. The scene where Vijay explains the pain of fishermen family is sure to melt stone hearts and the second half is filled with many such scenes.

While the first half appears like any other mass masala films, the real story only begins in the second half. The film is packaged as a mini news channel depicting all the mishaps happened in Tamil Nadu and Murugadoss has boldly attacked the corrupted political leaders, especially the ones in the ruling Government. Sarkar hits the right chords with the scenes talking about the pain of the Tamil Nadu people.

Just like any other Murugadoss film, Sarkar has many flaws, especially with the number of songs and it’s placements. Except Oru Viral Puratchi, all other songs look forced and act as speed breakers for the film. The fight scenes are also quite unrealistic and look like a Telugu film (choreographed by famous Tollywood choreographers Ram-Laxman).

Another weak link of the film are the two villains —Radha Ravi and Pala. Karuppaiah who are not as powerful as Vijay. Varalakshmi, on the other hand, is a revelation, and she gets many powerful moments opposite Vijay.

Keerthy Suresh looks cute but her fans are going to be disappointed as she has nothing much to do in the story. Her dance in OMG ponnu number and lively expressions are a plus.. Technically, Rahman’s background score in the second half is top notch but except Oru Viral Puratchi and Top Tucker, all other songs are strictly average.

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