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Oru Adaar Love has finally hit the screens after a long waiting for one year. First song Manikya Malaraya Poove was released last year, on the Valentine’s day week. Song and the wink by lead actress Priya Prakash went viral on social media. Here is the Oru Adaar Love review.

Adaar Love story is centered around life of few students in Class 12. Romantic comedy film has enough scenes of shool love. Love and friendship added in proper proprtion in this movie. Character played by Roshan Abdul Rahoof continuously trying to express his love interest. The more he tries, the more she keeps denying.


First half ends when Priya takes decision to go for relationship or not. While the first half clearly presents the romance between Priya and Roshan along with the friendship. In the second half, lead actress will be shifted to Noorin. Hareesh Kanaran, Althaf Salim and Siyadh easily takes care of humour part in the movie.

Siddique and Salim Kumar have few sequence and they are just takes the audience. Only difference from other Omar Lulu movies is that, it ends with a heart melting climax. Simple story presented very well. It is in total a family entertainer.

Movie has touching school life and all the new faces in the movie done their justice to the characters. Sparkling chemistry between Priya and Roshan is known to all before the movie release. Still, it has to be mentioned here again.

Song and the wink together took Priya has become a sensation. Music by Shaan Rahman has received much appreciation as the songs were released earlier. Cinematography is by Anu Sidharth and visuals were helpul in creating a feel that we are part of school days.

Even though she was appearing only for 30 second in this song, this wink made her on top of most searched personal in internet i India. Apart from Malayalam, movie is released in Kannada and Telugu also. Around movie is released in 2000 screens worldwide. In Kannada movie is dubbed as Kirik Love Story and in Telugu as Lover’s Day.

Oru Adaar Love is written and directed by Omar Lulu. Before Oru Adar Love he directed, Chunkzz and Happy Wedding. Along with the new faces Priya Prakash and Roshan Abdul Rahoof, few more new faces joinddythe star row. Noorin Shereef, Michelle Ann Daniel, Mathew, Siyadh Shajahan, Dilrupa Aswad Alqamar, Vaishak Pavanan and Yami Sona.

Everyone’s performance was appreciable and all together they recreated the school days. Noorin takes the lead in performance wise. In case of Roshan, his dance performance is much appreciated than acting.

Movie is co-written by Sarang Jayaprakash and Lijo Panadan. Ousepachan Vaalakuzhy under the banner of Ousepachan Movie House bankrolled for the movie. Movie is a visual treat and romantic entertainer.

BBM Rating 3/5

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