Ramaleela movie review with a promising first half

All the well wishers of actor Dileep were waiting for this one day from July onward when got arrested for the actress abduction case. The reports are showing that movie is a huge success in the first day itself. May be this is the first time in the history of mollywood that a movie is getting released when a hero is in jail

Earlier, the release of Ramaleela, produced at a cost of over Rs 20 crore, was scheduled for July. But following the unexpected arrest of Dileep in the actress abduction case on July 10, the producer and his well-wishers decided to defer the release.

The plot encompasses Ramanunni, a political turncoat who is viewed as a rebel even by his mother Ragini, played well by veteran performing artist Radhika. His parent party then fields comrade Ragini against the son.


It later turns out that Ramanunni, who was the radical party CDP’s MLA, really abandoned to the opponent NSP to retaliate for the enemies of his father.

Regardless of whether for his own particular security or to threaten rivals, he acquires an authorized pistol and when CDP area secretary Mohanan, played by Vijayaraghavan, tumbles to a projectile, the needle of doubt normally focuses towards Ramanunni, who goes underground.

Prayaga Martin, who plays a vodka-drinking, marriage-loathing Helena, organizes a protected alcove for Ramanunni however broadcasts his discussions with his sidekick Thomas Chacko, played by Kalabhavan Shajohn, and show them through TV stations, in a grouping reminiscent of content essayist Sachy’s prior Run Baby Run and a few different films, in maybe the slightest unique piece of the motion picture.


All the same, chief Arun Gopy never lets the story drag and we are continued speculating in the event that it is sting or a phase oversaw operation to demonstrate Ramanunni’s ‘blamelessness’ before the world. The responses of everyday people as they watch the broadcast scenes are excessively emotional, making it impossible to convey conviction.

The first half of Ramaleela is promising, tightly edited and fast moving. There are jokes but they are not the typical humour one is used to seeing in a Dileep film. He doesn’t go the usual over the top exaggerated slapstick route either .


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