Neeli Movie Review – The horror movie you can watch with family

Horror – comedy movie Neeli is getting positive response all over. Movie was earlier planned to release yesterday and due to heavy rainfall in the state, movie released today. Read the Neeli movie review to find whether the expectations are met in movie or not.

Neeli movie revolves around the single mother, Lekshmi who is struggling to track her kidnapped daughter. She is unable to find her daughter, and later she seeks the help of magical supernatural power in her village Kalliyankattu. Even though there are lags in the first half, team succeeded in keeping in both the elements through out.

Mamta is a speech therapist and her character name is Lekshmi. Also she is a widow having almost 6 years old daughter. Mamta is the heart and soul of the movie and the entire story evolves through her character. As Director Althaf told earlier, humour element is embedded in the story; it goes hand in hand with the plot.


Movie starts with a haunting atmosphere. Characters are introduced one by one and unique approach of presenting each character was able to keep up the horror part, but it brought some dragging there.

Single mother Lekshmi and her daughter came back to their home village Kalliyankattu, after death of her husband. Later they were attacked and her daughter kidnapped. Lekshmi’s efforts to track her daughter tells us the remaining story. Later Lekshmi seeks the help of Neeli, a supernatural power in her village. Hereafter the movie peaks in its horror side.

Reny played by Anoop Menon did her part well. He appeared as a para normal researcher who has the capability to track energy based on its smell. Baburaj and Marimayam fame Sreekumar appeared as kind hearted thieves and Zinil Zainudeen as a photographer. They balanced the comic part in the movie. Neeli movie review can be concluded as movie was successful i keeping up the balance between horror and comedy.


Mamta Mohandas was skinned into her character and her emotional scenes are awesome. She played well as worried mother. Anoop Menon portrayed the paranormal investigator effortlessly. Baburaj and Sreekumar’s together brought many comedy scenes and we can’t point out that this is the best. And the key point is that except dragging in first half, movie succeeded in keeping up the promise and they portrayed story by balancing horror and comic parts.

Neeli is the directorial debut of Althaf Salim. He was associated with Kamal’s Aami movie. Another well noted work of Althaf was short film named Thorth. He has been in film industry for a decade and he also worked with Joshy and Madhupal. After movie Carbon, Mamta appeared in big screen through Neeli. Riyas Maramath and Muneer Mohammad together wrote script for Neeli. This film is produced by Dr Sundar Menon. Kerala State Film award winner for Best Cinematography, Manoj Pillai handles the camera and Editing by Sreekar Prasad. The film is entirely shot in Thrissur.

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