Mangalyam Thanthunanena review: simple and interesting story

A simple story in a new pot and presented in an interesting way. We can conclude Mangalyam Thanthunanena in short. Mangalyam Thanthunanena is the movie, that portraying the troubles a newly married couple faced. And the film proceeds by giving answers for did they settled their issues and how they are handling the family issues. Here is the Mangalyam Thanthunanena review.


Marriage is a turning point in everyone’s life. It can lead life miserable or can cause troubles sometimes. Roy is working in abroad and he came to his native for his marriage. Colorful wedding of Roy and Clara adds some beat to film. Later he will get to know that he lost his job. Like all new couples, they are going through happy life with some small fights.

He gets into some financial troubles later. Both the mother and his wife will more troubles to him in between. There are fights between husband and wife, mother in law and daughter in law. Roy is suffering in between them and people around him makes comments regarding post marital life. And movie goes on.

Right people in right roles

This is the directorial debut of Soumya Sadhanandan and she has kept keen interest in all scenes. Actors also did justified their part. Kunchako Boban and Clara cleared the weak parts in scripts. Presence of Shanthi Krishna did an excellent job in her role. Being as a mother and mother in law, she took the audience.


Nimisha Sajayan, who is familiar to Malayali audience after her outstanding performance in Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum. She was nominated for Filmfare Best Actress Award for her performance. Now another milestone has been added to her career. Hareesh Kanaran is another person who received much applause for his performance.


Even though, the story line is not new. There are many movies in Malayalam describing after marriage troubles and other household issues. However, Mangalyam Thanthunanena had a unique presentation. We will fell like it is an old wine in a new pot. Simple but it has effective and attractive narration. These made the movie popular among families.

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