Mandharam review : Story of love after breakup

Asif Ali starrer Mandharam was one of the most anticipated movie of the year. After the huge success of all movie lovers were eagerly waiting for this Asif ali movie.

Mandharam Is Pure Love Story Directed by Vijesh Vijay. It was a flying start for a director in mollywood Industry. He has put forward all his sincere efforts and Resulted as a great Success.


Earlier the crew Members of Mandharam reported that young charming star Asif Ali will be seen in 5 different looks. Undoubtly, Mandharam movie was a complete one man mhow of Asif Ali. It was one of the challenging roles in his career.

First half was Completely surrounded by his College life & Love Story. Varsha Bollamma was Asif ‘s first heroine in the movie. She has done a great job throughout the movie. Varsha as a debut actress has given her cent percent for the movie.


She has got a very different look and reminds our evergreen actress Nazriya in some angles. Arjun Ashokan, Jacob Gregory was entertaining the audience throughout the movie, they were the close friends of the lead hero.

After a entertaining first half it was a very different mood created by the director. 2nd half was shown as a road movie which was dominated by many travelling Sequences.

Most awaited beard character of Asif Ali was presented in the 2nd half of the movie, it was quite disappointment for audience for the late entry of his Second look.


The second heroine of the movie anarkali is also appearing towards the end of the movie. Climax was quite Convincing to all type of the audience but still the entertaining part of movie was missing in the second half. Asif Ali’s different looks are the main attraction of the movie.

M. Sajas has written a very different screenplay for this movie, which is some what a new experience for the audience. Mandharam Movie is Produced by Monisha Rajeev and Tinu Thomas.

Music and Background Of the Movie was done By Mujeeb Majeed. Babul Ramesh has done a Superb job as a cinematographer especially the Climax portions in the ladakh was magical feel. Editing works is been handled by Vivek Harshan. Overall Mandharam is quite watchable movie in theatres.

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