Kayamkulam kochunni review: A perfect entertainer

Kayamkulam kochunni was the most anticipated movie of this year. Audience witnessed a record number of release for kayamkulam kochunni today. Movie is directed by Roshan Andrews. The complete actor Mohanlal’s extended cameo was the main reason for the sudden hype for the movie.

The movie starts with the childhood days of kochunni, who is very innocent and lovable. 1st half is all about the real life of kochunni which is surrounded by his dreams and a love story. There are nightmares of caste system prevailed in earlier ages. Kochunni always remembers his father who was a thief, That’s why Kochunni ‘s life was a promise not to steal.


But the circumstances make him a liar and a thief. Those ‘circumstances’ were planned and prepared by some feudal lords. When kochunni was pointed as a theif, landlords hanged him in a tree for 3 days, There comes the ithikkara pakki to rescue his friend.

From there onwards the class mood of the movie totally changed into a mass impact. Mohanlal’s screen Presence and fight sequences were terrific. With an extended cameo role it was undoubtedly a one man show of pakki.

The Bobby-Sanjay scripted the story in a very different manner compared to the real life of Kochunni. A film of Kayamkulam Kochunni’s life was not absolutely justified as compared to history. Naturally, the director and scriptwriters have taken the maximum freedom of fiction. Rosshan Andrews is doing the right thing for family audience and youth.

There are moments weeping and sniffing eyes. Climax action sequence was one of the best fight scenes in Nivin ‘s career. Also camera works in the climax portions was absolutely brilliant. Behind the camera, it was BinodPradhan show from Bollywood. Sreekar Prasad’ s editing works was also noticeable. He also had the task of cutting the life of Kayamkulam Kochunni to 168 minutes.

The first half is on the blunt side, the second half is quicker. Gopi Sundar has done a great job in music department. Sunny Wayne, Babu Antony, Shine Tom Chacko, Manikandan, Siddharth Shiva, Sadiq, Thesni Khan, Jude Anthony Joseph, Sudheesh Nair, Sunil Sugatha, Sudheer Karamara, Edavela Babu performed their role as expected.

Meanwhile, history of kayamkulam kochunni is not copied here, Rosshan Andrews has narrated in his own ways with highlighting positive side of kochunni. Anyhow it is clean entertainer to watch in theatres.

BBM rating: 4/5

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