Iblis review, Experiment of magical realism

The fantasy movie, titled as Iblis released today. After Adventures of Omanakuttan, Rohith VS directed this musical comedy drama. Iblis review says, it’s a good fantasy movie that can hold audience two hours.


Fantasy-humor genre makes you laugh, think, and you can be in its world for two hours. All Iblis review mention about the awesome performance by Asif. But the real show stealers are Lal and Rukmini, Iblis reviews says. Iblis is an adventurous comedy for a romance.

Asif Ali and Madonna plays the title character named Vaishakan and Fida respectively. Siddique appears as Jabbar, Sreenath Bhasi as Subair, Lal as Shreedharan, Adhish Praveen as Musthafa, Saiju Kurup as Sukumaran and Aju Varghese as Rajavu. Sreelekshmi R together with Bhupen Tacho & Jeetu Gogoi produced Iblis.

The singer turned actress Madonna Sebastian plays the female lead role opposite to Asif Ali. Madonna Sebastian was absent from Malayalam films after 2016. In between she appeared over many movies in Tamil and Telugu. Iblis is a comeback for Madonna to Mollywood. Apart from them, Iblis has Lal and National Award winner child actor Adish Praveen.

Iblis revolves around imaginary village which is cursed by deaths and lead character Vysakan (Asif Ali), who is trying to win over his lady love, Fida (Madonna). Their village is a cursed one with sudden deaths and another key point is that, living and dead co-exist together in this village. Movie proceeds with Vysakan’s attempts to make Fida part of his life.

Vysakan puts up loudspeakers at funerals and his grandfather travels to different places in a sky blue vintage car. Lal played the role of Vysakan’s grandfather named as Shreedharan. Vysakan loves Fida, who sells sweets, also they were childhood friends. Story is all about Vysakan’s tries to win his love and his grandfather is there to help him.

Another main character in this fantasy tale is Jabbar (played by Siddique), who lies to have a connection with the dead. Sreenath Bhasi plays role of a perfume seller from Arabia. Shyiju Kurup as photographer, who is present in most of the funerals. Unusual attachment of Vysakan with his traveler grandpa Sreedharan, is also clearly depicted in this movie


The posters of Iblis earlier made a feeling that Iblis seems to be a musical comedy set in the eighties, and the movie has a lot of surprises in store for audience. Iblis reviews shows us the magic that Rohit has created satisfies them. Earlier, the film has successfully completed it’s censoring formalities bagging a clean ‘U’ and runtime set to 120 minutes.

Sameer Abdul who had teamed up with Rohith VS for his debut directorial Adventures of Omanakuttan, has penned the script for Iblis also. Sidhique also appears in a pivotal role. ” because reality is a joke” was the tagline for this movie.

After Angamaly Diaries movie, the next experimental movie in Malayalam Cinema that found support from the audience this year was director Rohith V S’ Adventures of Omanakuttan. Now, Iblis review made us feel that an another experimental effort is getting audience support.


“It’s got four main characters played by Asif, Madonna, Lal and Master Adish Praveen. It’s a musical adventure-comedy, something that is new to Malayalam cinema,” said Rohith, explaining that team is planning something on the lines of Ranbir Kapoor’s Jagga Jasoos.

The debut of director Rohit VS, Adventures of Omanakuttan has received both positive and negative reviews. Few praised its experimental narrative, while the others found it to be one of the most excruciating films ever made. Now he is back with his second, a fantasy film reuniting with his Omanakuttan star Asif Ali and Sameer Abdul. And Iblis reviews shows an another experimental effort is succeeded.

Director Rohit earlier described his fantasy film Iblis as, “The world in this film is a far away, sort of utopian land completely detached and different from our own. There is nothing relatable about its characters. It’s set in a village where people make emotionless puppets. It deals with life politics.”

Iblis review also adds that, it’s a fast-moving and more entertaining experience compared to Adventures of Omanakuttan movie by same Director. The music and visuals, which play a big role in making audience part of Iblis for two hours.

Cinematographer Akhil George was also along with the team for Adventures of Omanakuttan movie. Team started thinking about Iblis during Omanakuttan filming itself. Director earlier told that Asif was part of discussion and also he contributed to the script, hence he couldn’t think of casting anyone else other than him as the male lead.


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