Contessa Accelerates : Contessa movie review

Contessa is a malayalam movie starring Sarath Kumar,Sreejith Ravi,Athira Patel in lead roles.The film have released in 85 plus theatres across the state and getting good reviews from audience and Sarath fans. Also,this directorial debut of Sudheep E S was produced by Subash Cipy.

The film narrates a socially relevant plot and theme but the film couldn’t use the spaces and lack of a content rich story was affected its over all execution. Starting with an Angamaly diaries feel,very relevant issues such as gold smuggling,quari mafia,Goon activities and mining are coming as serious issues.


Film tries to highlight environmental exploitation but those elements were limited in a few scenes. Chandhu is the protagonist of the story which was portrayed by Sarath Kumar.Chandhu is a normal village boy,the story develops when he meet Jayan,a quary owner. Sarath Kumar presented his character in a realistic manner.

He already had proved his acting excellence through Angamaly diaries. He beautifully portrayed the normal village boy Chandhu. Athira patel,as usual in a typical mass movie,nothing to do other than being a lover of the protagonist. Also,Sinil Zainudheen comes in the role of Chandhu’s best friend.

Sreejith Ravi, Hareesh Perady, Kichu Tellus, Sunil Sukhada and Rajesh Sharma have handled other important characters. They all have done their part beautifully. Absence of a value based story was affected and it was clearly evident in many scenes. The songs done by Rijosh and Jafris were average.

The background score done by Gopi Sundar was well enough to build the emotions and mood of the film. Even the film presents as a thriller movie but it is a question that whether it have proper ingridients of a thriller genre. But the movie doesn’t have any feel of lag and unnecessary dialogues.

As a debut the director could took it to finishing point in an acceptable way.His efforts to avoid lagging and unnecessary contents are appreciable. The film is getting mixed reviews from theatres. Overall, Contessa is a one time watchable entertainer. Audience can confidently take tickets if they want to watch a realistic entertainer movie.

BBM Rating : 2.75/5

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