Avengers : End Game , Epic Movie Ever!! (No Spoilers)

So the wait is over! The biggest – most awaited superhero movie of ‘Marvel Studios’ is now on the big screen. It’s impossible to describe this movie in one word. After watching the movie most fans were in a numb situation. A numb that came from realizing that the Avenger’s movie franchise finally came to an end. Also, everyone has the joy of being able to watch the biggest movie of their lifetime on the big screen. So It’s Big, Beautiful and Epic at the same time!! No one should miss this theater experience, because it made for the big wide screen.

The doubts and confusions that haunts a Marvel fan would be starting from who and who’s not survive in the ‘End Game’. Also, will the remaining ‘Avengers’ could bring back the wiped out ones. What would be the most awaited ending of all those MCU movies? will it satisfy us..? guess we all have to find that ourselves. The Russo brothers (Anthony Russo & Joe Russo) done a Marvelous job with the end game. We can’t ask for more for sure. A totally brilliant end to an era of Avengers.

This is the 22ndth movie of Marvel cinematic universe. To understand the emotions, actions, and storyline in its full depth, one had been seen every movie that made from 2008 ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Captain Marvel’ that released a few months before. Because you are not going to watch an ordinary superhero movie. End Game is connected to all the MCU movies ever made. It’s sure that filmmakers foresaw this moment 11 years ago and they’ve been giving a keen observation on preparing the script and making all these movies that could lead to this Epic moment!! Hats off to the creators!!


Definitely, every single person can enjoy the movie even though they’ve never seen any single MCU movies ever made. But every movie is an experience, and if anyone wants to full fill that experience to the fullest they need to understand every character. They need to know the attachment between each one of those characters and how they got where they are now also What they’ve lost in the past, what changes that made on each one of them. Only those who understand these factors can achieve the full emotional vibe of the movie. This movie has a strong storyline, a lot of emotional moments and definitely the best action sequence which will give you Goosebumps when you watch it.

A lot of unexpected turnouts will give you chills for sure. Whole three hour goes faster than you expected because every moment viewers are excited to see what’s going to happen next. Full of suspense – full of excitements – emotions and more over the power packed action can be experienced on the big screen. What more you need when the biggest Superhero Movie franchise putting an end to it. Definitely, it’s a must watch and gives a satisfying ending. Don’t miss it!!

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