Allu Ramendran is different from usual chackochan movies

Debutant Bilahari’s directorial venture Allu Ramendran is entirely different from typical chackochan movies. Kunchacko Boban appeared in a never-seen-before look, which also featured Krishna Shankar, Aparna Murali, and Chandini Sreedharan in principal roles. Aparna plays Krishna Shankar’s love interest, while Chandini plays Kunchacko Boban’s wife.

It’s about how a police officer named Ramendran came to be known as Allu Ramendran. There is a story behind the ‘Allu’ nickname, and he gets irritated whenever someone calls him that.

Allu Ramendran is primarily a comedy genere movie.But because of the character’s nature, a few ‘mass’ elements find their way into the story. Ramendran is an ordinary cop, who becomes increasingly frustrated and violent after being trapped in a peculiar situation. The script slightly deviates from the usual three-act structure, and is filled with comical situations.

The first half is packed with innocent humour by Dharmajan, Hareesh Kanaran and Sreenath Bhasi.

The happy life of Ramendran gets disturbed overnight when an unidentified person punctures the tyre of the police jeep whenever he drives it.

This situation makes him a laughing stock in front of other police officers as well as the public.

The film then becomes all about the quest of Ramendran to find the unknown person who punctures his jeep’s tyres. Will he find that person or not ? Watch in theaters!


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