Kollam Giri, The Guardian angel of Superstars

The name Kollam Giri may not be much familiar to the common people. But, he is the inevitable person for each of the function in the film world. Kollam Giri will be there for stage shows, Audio launch etc. Also he will be the security person incharge for superstars like RajiniKanth, Vijay, Sunny Leone, Dhanush and the list continues.

If you don’t know Giri as a person, may be the name GK Group will be familiar. In film world, Giri and his team is known in the name GK Group. Star row including super stars knows well about the GK Group that Giri and his team will be there for service.


Body guards or security team always stays there around all prominent people and stars. They builds a wall of security and they helps in smooth shooting in public areas. The team risks their life and builds a wall of protection for the stars. Giri and GK are top among them.

Life of Giri is little similar to movie Body Guard by Siddique. Giri is basically from Kollam Karikkod and the unconditional passion towards Body Guards made him to choose his way. Body guards having special dress code, who were like shadow for Bollywood stars just added his desire to be a body guard. When he got into body building, Giri took the decision.

Beginning of GK Group


“It started during the college days, When one of the security team didn’t came, they asked us to do so. Me and my friends suddenly came up in Black T-shirt and blue jeans. It was just a begining. After this event , we got many works. And that was the beginning of GK (Giri Kollam) Group. Family didn’t support me much. They wanted me to continue my studies. They were afraid about the future. I dropped studies after that.

When it was not coming out well, I went to Bangalore and started water line welding job. In between, through one of my friend, I worked with another team for the movie Madambi. And that was a turning point in my life. Thereafter, for two three movie I worked with that team and later started thinking of my own team. And lead to the restarting of GK group.


It is risky job and when in times for controlling a huge crowd, the risk doubles. Always tries to interact politely with others and always tries to avoid issues. Still, people will be rude towards us. There are cases where, people tries to hit us with their vehicle while giving security for shooting in road.”

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