Flying start for Vijay Deverakonda in Tamil Film Industry

The announcement was made in the name of Vijay Devarakonda’s Tamil debut film, which was directed by Anand Shankar, who has been working with South India. After the hit movie ‘Irumugan’, Anand Shankar’s political thriller is set to become a popular film.

The film is about the fact that Vijay Devarakonda’s pictures have shifted the box office. The film begins with the birthday of Varun (Vijay Deverakonda’) Son of Tamil nadu Cheif Minister. After the celebration, the police follow the car of Varun who returns to the home with his friends and suggests to reach home suddenly.


Later on He is taking the oath as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu at half-a-in-the-middle year when he is playing a game developer in London. The only transparency in the case of a CBI probe in the case was only two weeks after the court ruled that Vasudev’s political leader had taken a political move.

Vasudevan’s plan was that he would be acquitted in the court verdict and the chief minister would return to the chair later. The Chief Minister of the state was in the same manner, with a clear understanding that he was only a dummy chief for two week. The verdict of the Delhi High Court verdict dented the plans of father and son.

The recent crises in Tamil Nadu politics are clearly illustrated by Anand Shankar. After the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalitha, the crisis and horse trading in the Tamil Nadu politics have evolved. There are also scenes in Kerala that remind you of the Flood in Kerala. The film is about two weeks before the media and the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, who is not even in the Secretariat’s CM’s chair, has been wiped out by a single press conference.

In the second half, we see Tamil Nadu chief minister Vajpaye being treated seriously. The film ends with pointing out that a chief minister should be a political leader. Though the film is a political thriller, the film ends with the climax of a mass Tamil film. Thus, the film’s portrayal of a thriller is lost in many places.


The ending film demanding a change from the political climax is a possibility for a full-fledged second part of the commercial mix. Apart from ignoring the foolishness of politicians, the film also opens up the theater plays in the political scene. Vijay Devarakonda and Nasser, along with Sathyaraj’s journalist is also plays very important roles.

Mehrin and Sanjana Natarajan are the heroines of the film. Vijay Deverakonda has made great progress to the body language of the mature person, Varun, who is celebrating life and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The performance of the Vijay in the emotional scenes were natural levels. Sam C.s, who has been instrumental in the movie Vikram Veda, The role of background music should be taken to keep the image and feel of the movie.

Only two songs are in the picture. The son of noted cameraman Ravi K. Chandran is presenting the cinematography for Nota and it’s Santhana Krishnan. At the same time, the Nota is also made in Telugu in the banner of Studio Green. Overall Nota is a watchable Political Thriller and it’s a flying start for vijay Deverakonda in tamil.

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