Dileep approached Supreme Court : Turning point in attack case of Malayalam actress

A turning point happend in the attack case of actress when the accused actor Dileep approached Supreme Court with a petition. He moved to Supreme Court with a need to get a copy of the visuals of the attack. There were no developments in the case even after two years.

Earlier, Dileep approached the High Court with same request but it was rejected by the court and pointed that the accused may misuse the copy of the visuals. Then he decided to move to supreme court to get a copy of the visuals stored in memory card. His petition will consider by the court in coming January.


Some reports says the petition will be rejected by the supreme court. Dileep filed the petition to get a copy of visuals in memory card. But earlier, this request was rejected by police officials and high court of Kerala. He argues that, those visuals are the prime evidence of this case. But somebody had edited it before submitting to the court.

The petition was filed by Ranjeetha Rothagi, junior of ex attorney general Mukul Rothagi.Reports says his petition will consider by the becnch before Christmas vacation. Ex attorney general Mukul Rothagi will present in the court for Dileep. But the chance of getting visuals are low if the observations of high court and police officials are accepted by the court.

Between this issues, Dileep movies are getting ready for the releases. And his acceptance among audience are still there with the same love and respect. It would be a benefit if he can prove that the visuals are edited. Anyway, the case will get a national level attention when Dileep moved to Supreme court.

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