Anushka is ready to do her debut in Malayalam with Mammooty

Mollywood is happy to welcome the lady super star of South India.Reports says Anushka will be the heroine of director Sarath Sandhith’s next project.Even his last project Parol was a flop, nothing happend to his confidence to come up with his next project.Mammooty will do the lead in this project also.But Sarath said that Parol was not his first film.He was in planning to do a project with Mammooty and Anushka.Both of them were intrested to join with him.But the project was postponed again and again because of date issues.

This would be a big budget movie.But because of the date issues, Sarath skipped the movie and decided to commit on Parol.According to the latest reports,Sarath is planning to do the skipped project and Mammooty and Anushka will come in lead roles.This would be a throughout love story and both of them have acting oriented characters.A famous writer from Chennai will do the script.Also,we can’t see a massive action side of Mammootty, instead, we can see his incredible acting talent.

The name Anushka with Mammooty is great enough for audience to take tickets.Her every films are getting big acceptance and she could make a strong fan base in Kerala through Bahubali.Her films including Arundhathi, Singam, Bahubali and Bhagamathie had got a huge audience attention.People started watching her old movies in Telugu and Tamil after her massive rise in Bahubali.Anyway,the expectations of audience, Mammooka fans and Anushka fans are in high.

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