Let Uyare fly to heights: Uyare movie review

Uyare is a malayalam feature film starring Parvathy Thiruvothu Asif Ali and Tovino Thomas in important roles. The film is the directorial debut of Manu Ashokan, he was working as an associate director for last 12 years. The film is produced by Shenuga Shegna and Sherga under the banner of Scube films. The cinematography was done by Mukesh Muraleedharan, editing Mahesh Narayanan and music by Gopi Sundar.


The film begins from a crucial scenario and slowly establish the base of the movie. Pallavi Ravindran portrayed by Paravathy is the protagonist of the story. Or in other words, the film talks about her life,life-changing situations, dreams, unexpected events and survival. From her childhood onwards Pallavi has a dream to become a pilot. She goes to achieve her dreams, Govind portrayed by Asif Ali coming to her life as her lover. The story has a different layer of emotions like romance, friendship, attachment to father, a feel of jealous, empathy and etc. The first half ends with an unexpected turn and took the audience to seat edge. The second half also approaches to high coordinates of the graph but somewhere feels an unwanted slowness.


The script was done by Bobby&Sanjay.They deserve a big round of applause for their guts to bring this untold topic and for their content rich narrative style. The way they established the characters,plot,and the subject are feel fresh and purely realistic.They took a socially relevent topic and perfectly said its undemocratic sides.Coming to actors,an outstanding performance by Parvathy Thiruvoth in her come back film.She could connect pallavi and her emotions with audience.Pallavi is not a shy girl, her thoughts are pointed, attitude is pointed.Pallavi is a rare character in malayalam cinema.Asif Ali made Govind in a realistic way.Govind is one of his career best character.Tovino Thomas won our hearts through his character Vishal Rajashekharan.His performance and combination scens with Paravthy made some good vibes which helped the movie to keep its graph always high.

The cinematography done by Mukesh Muraleedharan was one of the rarest visuals in malayalam cinema. The scenes in plane have taken perfectly. Also he could connect every shots and scenes with his beautiful frames.Gopi sundar’s background score also felt nice. His beats were worth enough to convey the soul of each scene and shots. The editing by Mahesh Narayanan was very clean and fresh.The prosthetic make up, vfx are pretty good to make the film more perfect.The songs are good to listen especially the nee mukilo song by Sithara Krishnakumar and Vijay yeshudas was one of the beautiful romantic song of recent times.


Technically, a cinema is a director’s vision. Here Uyare is the vision of Manu Ashokan.He could make uyare in an excellent level with an amazing team of writers,actors and technicians.He could prove his caliber and maturity of vision through Uyare.Manu Ashokan and team deserves a big round of applause.The movie is a must watch one in emotional drama genre.


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