Thottappan Movie Review: So far Vinayakan’s Career best performance!!

Thottappan-the most awaited movie of the actor “Vinayakan” successfully released in spite of all the controversies going around social media. The 2016 Kerala state film award winner Vinayakan’s promising performance is the main thing that’s going to lure movie lovers to the theaters. Thottappan movie is the visualization of the short story written by “Francis Noronha” and directed by “Shanavas K Bavakkutty”. Kismath was the debut directorial of Shanavas. Other than Vinayakan there’s Dileesh Pothan, Roshan Mathew, Manoj K Jayan, Lal and many other actors and actresses  featured in the movie including the new face Priyamvadha . P S Rafeeque written the script and produced by Devadas Kadancheri and Shailaja Manikandan. Music composed by Leela L Gireesh and background score by Justin Varghese.

                The movie tells us the story of two thieves Itthaq and Johnappan who lives in a small village. Vinayakan plays the role of Itthaq and Dileesh Pothan plays the role of Johnappan. They are best friends from child hood. The story flows through their friendship to the emotional father-daughter attachment between Johnappan’s daughter sara (played by Priyamvadha) and Itthaq. Like the title of the movie Itthaq is the Thottappan of sara, means “godfather”. But the bond between them is like father and daughter. The story ultimately tells the pure emotional bond between Itthaq and sara. Vinayakan’s performance gives life to the character. And the new face Priyamvadha seems like exceptionally devoted to her role as sara. The sure thing would be the Itthaq going to be the career best performance of the actor Vinayakan.

                The director shanavas’s previous movie Kismath showcased the current social scenarios in kerala. Kismath known for its natural presentation of the story and acting. Thottappan is an emotional movie and it also have humor sequences. The movie flows in an optimum pace without boring the viewers. Anandham fame Roshan Mathew also did a great job in Thottappan. His charcter is really versatile and totally different from all former ones. Roshan will surely get recognition in the industry for his role in Thottappan. Cinematography and editing was really good in the movie. Music and bgm gives rhythm for every dialogues and creates emotional vibe.

Priyamvadha and Roshan in Thottappan

                The movie don’t have biggest star cast, but since the casting and direction been perfect it seems like the movie don’t need a biggest star. All the actors given hundred percent of their effort to the movie. Thottappan is a well directed movie with perfect cast. Most of all the movie never gets bored because of the actors performance especially Vinayakan’s and brilliant direction. Keralites always encourages good movies in spite of the stars in it. Thottappan is a must watch movie and probably the best one released for this Eid.

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