Pathinettam Padi review

Pathinettam Padi : Multi star entertainer with promising young talents!!
The Director Shanker Ramakrishnan once again wins the hearts with another Multi starrer movie but also can be called as the movie of new faces of Malayalam cinema – Pathinettam Padi. Shanker is a familiar face to all of us as an actor and his debut directorial was Kerala Café. The movie produced by Shaji Nadeshan with KG Anilkumar in the banner of August Cinema. The script written by director himself. Music composed by A.H Kaashif and cinematography by Sudeep Elamon. Editing done by Bhuvan Srinivasan. Even though there’s big Stars in it, the youngsters /the new faces shares most of the screen space. After Seeing the movie each and every one will agree that there’s lot of promising young actors in Malayalam cinema industry stepped up to the big screen. Mammootty,Prithviraj, Arya and Unni mukundan did a great job with their roles even they have a small part in it and they are the crowd pullers and biggest supporting factor for this movie. Another familiar faces are Ahaana Krishna, Priyamani, Manoj K Jayan, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Maniyan Pilla Raju, Lalu Alex and Saniya Iyappan.
First of all the movie name Pathinettam Padi has nothing to do with Sabarimala! The movie is really about the rivalry between the Student gangs of Government Model school where the financially poor student studies and International school where financially upper students studies. The usual gang fights and hate between these students just portrayed as real entertainment worthy. Even though they are all newcomers to the Malayalam movie their performance doesn’t gives that feeling, instead all of them stunned the audience with their performance under the leadership of director Shanker. Shanker knows how to make their characters acceptable to the audience. Among all of them the lead roles done by Akshay Radhakrishnan and Ashwin Gopinath. A viewer doesn’t feel these are debut actors.
The movie has a great message to say to the world and the government. The director succeeded in telling both side’s problems and gives an idealism about what should be the real purpose of education and how should one achieve it. The biggest stars entry never felt like an extra fitting to attract the audience, director given the roles to the stars that are inevitable to the story. These are not just cameo appearances , all of them are very valuable factor to get the feeling of the story. The script was really good, for some audience may be some parts and situations of the movie would feel like an unrealistic one and some dialogues are overdramatic . but it’s a negligible or can say as an un-noticeable ones. These things never affects the flow of the movie.
Among those big stars mammootty’s look and entrance was really good. Mammootty has a valuable role in the movie. Tamil star Arya would be the one who took more effort amongst all the big stars. There’s lot of stunt sequences in the movie, mostly between the students which was surprisingly well coordinated and enjoyable . Each and every new student actors in the movie seems like did their best for Pathinettam Padi. This movie is entertaining, thoughtful and inspiring.. so don’t miss it on theaters!!
Rating : 3.5/5

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