NGK Movie Review: Suriya Wins hearts!

NGK is a political action film written and directed by Selvaraghavan. Suriya, Rakul Preet Singh and Sai Pallavi play the lead roles while Devaraj plays a pivotal role. The music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja  and cinematography done by Sivakumar Vijayan. The film is being produced by S. R. Prakashbabu and S. R. Prabhu of Dream Warrior Pictures.

            Suriya fans had  high expectation on NGK. The movie name NGK is short form for Suriya’s lead character name ‘Nandha Gopalan Kumaran’. Obviously Suriya is the main crowd pulling factor of NGK. The actor and director is first time working together for a complete political satire. The theme of the movie is depicted on the rise of Nandha Gopalan’s political career. Nandha gopalan is the son of an army officer which can be considered as the main reason that why he loves to help the community that he lives in. Like we’ve been seen in many movies Nandha Gopalan too wants to do good things for the people. He is also a well educated person and that’s why he had clear cut views and knowledge about what’s happening around him.

                The movie plotted in a way that Suriya’s character facing problems just because he tries to do or talk  in good favor of the people and for theor needs. As a result of it he merges into the ways of politics. Suriya given maximum effort to the character and it also seems like he did it effortlessly. Suriya proves that he is most worthy for the title ‘Nadippin Naayakan’. Selvaraghavan says that “Suriya is really a directors actor. He is always ready to do as many retakes needed to get the shot into perfection”. Other than Suriya the lead actress Sai Pallavi done a great job with her character. She plays as Nandha Gopalan’s wife And Rakul Preet also did well with the  role which is considered as second heroine in the movie.

                The movie is very much predictable one. Viewers gets a clear cut idea about what’s going to be the climax and all. The movie strongly portrays the character of suriya, but at the same time it fails to convey the characterization of the other actors including Sai Pallavi and Rakul Preet. Audience often gets confusing vibe about the reactions of each actor in the movie. The story and screenplay seems like to need more  versatility. Many sequences looks like we had seen in other movies. All  these just led to effect the flow of  NGK. All together the movie is an enjoyable one to the fans. There’s a lot moments to cheer for the great actor. Fight and songs are enjoyable. But in a critics view the lack of concentration on screenplay effects the flow of the movie and certainly there’s nothing new in it.

                Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Background scores is really a plus point to the movie. Its seems like the music given power to the portrayal of the character of Suriya. And fans can enjoy the performance of the actor including the two fight scenes that are well choreographed. Frame by frame suriya really deserves an appreciation worthy performance. If the screenplay would have been more strong and tight and the characters would have been portrayed little bit detailed , the NGK would’ve been way  more enjoyable to the audience.

Rating : 3/5

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