Margamkali : A Romantic Comedy Entertainer!

Margamkali is the latest Malayalam romantic comedy movie which is directed by Sreejith Vijayan and Produced by Listin Stephen. Sreejith Vijayan’s previous film ‘Kuttanadan Marpappa‘ and this movie may shares same level of presentation about a theme. The music given by Gopi Sunder and he had done a great job with that. Script needed music for songs and also sachi’s fathers musical interest in the story. The script written by Sasaankan Mayanad. Normally margamkali means one of the traditional dance form of Kerala. But the movie not at all about that!! The margamkali features Bibin George and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles as Sachi and Oormila. Both have their own inferiority complexes about their physical appearences.

Siddique and Shanthi Krishna appeares as sachi’s parents in margamkali. Sachi’s parents are wealthy but they haven’t spoken to one another in the last 20 years due to certain misunderstandings and sachi is the glue that holds and connets them through his presence. Sachi has two friends in it, They are Antappan and Tik Tok Unni acted by Baiju and Hareesh Kanaran respectively. This comedy entertainer is all about how sachi (bibin) meets oormila (Namitha) and the hilariousness of the characters especially the role of hareesh kanaran as Tik Tok Unni. Hareesh kanaran as always delivers decent laugh material with his skilled acting. Baiju as a drunkard did his part well, his instant dialogue deliveries will definitely make you laugh. also Soumya Menon, Dharmajan and 96 movie fame Gouri G Kishan appeares in the movie. The movie talks about social indecency in a mild way and also opens up the makers view about body shaming also how it’s being normally enters in our daily common talks between friends or even with family.

Margamkali has a very simple plot which created for people to laugh in theaters. It’s a one time watchable movie with good character presentation. The movie mainly talks about the love and as a subplot for comedy it presents how some people desperately tries to achieve love and how childishly some of us reacts to rejection. Nowadays ‘where there is an unsuccessful love, there would be a revenge’! that’s the way many people around us reacts to rejection or breakup. But the creators of the movie has a message to the viewers and it presented without affecting the flow of the movie.

If you need a break from your tensions and need a way to relax and set aside your problems, this movie is definitely the one for you. Its a simple movie with lots of fun elements and definitely can be called as a family entertainer.

Rating : 3/5

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