Luca : A colorful journey with the shade of thriller!!

Tovino Thomas hits the big screen with back to back blockbusters. His critically acclaimed movie “and the Oscar goes to” just released a week ago and Now the second one “Luca” started its screen run with it. The actor continuously pushing his limits with various differentiable roles by testing his limits and consistently fulfilling audiences expectation. Looks like 2019 is going to be Tovi’s Year.

                Luca is the debut directorial of Arun Bose and as a new director he’s done a very good job with it.  The movie produced by Linto Thomas, Prince Hussain and Gokul Nath G. The story and script written by the director himself with co writer Mridul George.  And every one knows from the trailer that the name Luca represents the lead actor Tovino’s character name in the movie. Ahaana Krishna is in the female lead role as Niharika and she’s going to get more recognition than her former ones. Also Anandam fame Vinitha Koshy have a notable part in the movie. Music composed by Sooraj S Kurup which we all knows for his past composition in the Dulquer Salman starrer ‘Solo’ and also for ‘Ann maria kalippilaanu’ and ‘alamara’ etc. Cinematography done by Nimish Ravi and Editing by Nikhil Venu.

                The trailer of the movie already revealed that Luca is not just a romance filled drama genre movie. Although the movie mainly draws the artistic love of Luca and how the relationship between Niharika and Luca grows and how their life events turns the story into a thriller or can be called as a mystery . The artwork of the movie deserves a well appreciation.  If we take Luca in an altogether sense it’s a thriller movie. Tovino’s appearance and performance makes Luca a versatile one. Ahaana also did a great job with her character. Even though we sees a lot of unfamiliar faces, that doesn’t  affect  the flow of the movie.  A suspense filled journey to the climax from an artistic mutual crush of the lead characters would be a different theater experience for the viewers.

                Luca is perfect in it’s artwork and by the performance of almost all the actors. At start there feels a negligible lag but Luca’ picks up its pace when the Tovino enters to the picture. The main plot and theme looks like a mystery- Thriller but the sub plot is where the beautiful relationship of Luca with Art and Nihaarika presented and this part seems more loved by the audience. The music gives more color to the Life of Luca. As a dubut director Arun Bose did well with putting  together a more relatable cast and leading the Luca to a good theater experience. Luca is a colorful movie with the shade of thriller.  So Luca is all set to surprise you and don’t miss it on theaters!!

Rating : 3.5/5

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