Kollavarsham 1975 Pooja in the land of Vadakkum Nathan

Much awaited pooja ceremony of movie ‘KOLLAVARSHAM 1975’ was held on April 5, 2019 at Thrissur Vadakkunnathan temple. The movie is the directorial debut of Sajin Surendran and Titto Wilson appears as the protagonist. Script and dialogues are penned by novelist Akhil P Dharmajan. Movie was announced in November last year.


Director Sajin had success stories of many works in his hand. He had done many short films including Kalikkudukka and Banglore buildups. He was the associate director of popular short film Pappanji. Director Sajin in an interview told that he wanted to remind people about an era which is forgotten already.


Soon after the announcement of the movie, audition was conducted in search of new faces for the movie. With in months, stars were chosen and had undergone training camp at Wayanad. All the stars were present during the ceremony.


The film is making in the genre of crime thriller and the 50% of the shoot will be in forest. Movie was planned to begin on February. Difficulty in availing location delayed the pooja ceremony. Village will be recreated in a river bank for the movie. Village is named Vakeri. Movie will be centered around in explaining how an Emergency affects the inhabitants.


Titto had done many films after the grand success of Angamaly Diaries. But this is the first film he comes as the protagonist.So this time, the expectations of Titto fans are high. They are looking forward to see the rise of Titto into the list of lead actors through the directorial debut of Sajin Surendran.

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