Children’s Park Movie Review: A Complete Entertainer!

The Children’s Park opened it’s gate on the very same world Environment and Eid Day. The movie is a humor filled thriller. Children’s Park is written by Rafi and directed by Shafi. The brothers once again all set to entertain audience just like they did before with the box office hit Two Countries. The movie has Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Sharafudheen, Dhruvan in the lead role and Gayathri Suresh, Manasa Radhakrishnan and soumya menon as female lead. Also Hareesh Kanaran and Joy Mathew does the supporting role in it. Movie has lot of kids in it and their performances are really cute and appreciation worthy.

                The movie mainly depicts on the story of three youngsters who’s eventually taking care of the orphanage in munnar. Like all former Rafi-Shafi movies the childrens park is a complete humor filled entertainer. Surely it’s a family entertainer and especially the kids will love it. There’s around 75 kids in the movie. Vishnu Unnikrishnan and Sharafudheen really showcases their capability to make the audience laugh and Dhruvan more exhibits the skill for dance and fight. All three actresses are leveled up with lead actors in comedy scenes. Supporting actor Hareesh Kanaran as always naturally does his best to make viewers laugh.

                Even though the movie is mainly filled with humor ,the story moves to serious stuff when it comes to the real dense theme of it – that’s the Illegal Organ Trafficking and abducting kids by beggar Mafia’s. The core theme of the movie is not something we can call as ‘New’ or ‘versatile’ but it’s the way of presenting it through, out and out comedy which gives us freshness in it. From the beginning to end the writer – director duo really succeeds in making people laugh. The movie is for those people who wants to laugh and enjoy it with the family and friends. There’s No mystery in it, Just Laugh is the one that the movie really offers for the viewers. As the Tag line says its the story of three idiots.

                All actors and kids beautifully done their part. Vishnu Unnikrishnan already made audience laugh in ‘Oru yamandan premakadha’ and also succeeds in ‘Childrens park’ too. Sharafudheen done his part very well, he is very good in handling any role whether its humor or pivot role like in ‘varathan’ etc. Dhruvan – The queen fame actor has a lot screen presence time in it. And the actresses Manasa, Gayathri and Soumya- they all given their best for the essence of this humor filled movie. All together Children’s park is a complete entertainer and a festive comedy movie to watch with your loved ones.

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