Avengers: End Game – The wait is over

Avengers are prepared to the End Battle. We can see the fans’ excitements is at peak. When the movie is about to release on 26th April, one question arises above all.. Will it cross the record gross collection of Avatar and Titanic.?! We all know that the infinity war is in fourth place in the gross collection.


Since a great movie franchise putting an end to it, every single person is excited about it. When booking started the apps faced a huge rush of internet traffic. Many people complained that they couldn’t even open the booking app. Everyone wants to see this movie the first day, but seats are limited!

One main thing that haunts the fans is the “Spoilers”. It’s clear as water that the people cant help their urge to post pictures, statuses of the end game on social media. A single status or picture from the movie theatre can spoil the entire fun of watching the movie for others. Fans who couldn’t secure the seats on the first day are believed to be in grave danger. So remember guys, we all love the movie.

We all are excited to watch it! first of all, taking pictures from a movie theatre is a serious piracy crime. The second thing is you are spoiling the movie for others. Just enjoy this movie finale and control the urge to put the spoilers out. Say out loud “No Spoilers this Time..cause we are in the End Game now!!”

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