And The Oscar Goes To : A Dedication for those who dream Cinema

Tovino Thomas’s new movie “And The Oscar Goes To” released on big screen Today. The film is directed by Salim Ahamed who came to the industry through directing highly acclaimed movie called ‘Adaminte Makan Abu ‘. He also directed ‘Kunjanathante Kada ‘ and ‘Pathemari‘ both having mammootty in the lead role. This movie is his fourth project.  Tovino acts as a struggling filmmaker in the movie. The major locations of the movie is in US and Canada. Anu sithara is in the female lead role also its her second movie with Tovino after ” oru kuprasidha payyan ” and some foreigners are acted in it too. The movie has Bijipal‘s music ,Madhu Ambat‘s cinematography and oscar winning Resul Pookutty‘s sound mixing.

            The very notable thing is even before its release “And The Oscar Goes To” received several awards from Alberta Film Festival conducted at Canada. An international recognition before it’s release certainly attracts the movie lovers to the theaters. This is a pure inspirational story that’s capable to motivate any one whom dreams about film. Tovino’s performance as  Isaak Ibrahem was stunning and he received Best Actor Award from Alberta film festival. Also The movie won Best Director, best movie, best supporting actress awards too. Best supporting actress award is for the foreign actress  Nikki Hulowski. Throughout the movie we can see Isaak continuously and tirelessly follows his passion for film making and to fulfill that dream he struggles a lot. At last he directs his first movie and it becomes India’s official entry to the Oscars.

            All the actors given their best performance for the movie. one of the notable performance is from the national award winning actor salim kumar. Also Siddique, Sreenivasan, Maala parvathy, Lal and Appani Sarath brilliantly portrayed their roles. The movie gives us the feel that, may be the character and the plot of the movie is adapted from the life of Salim Ahamed, the director of the movie. Getting into the film industry is not a cakewalk. For a person who has zero film connection ,it would be a challenging journey. And this journey brilliantly plotted in the movie. even the actor Tovino struggled a lot to get where he is now. He left his job and became assistant director to fulfill his dream. And he  acted as supporting actor in many movies and now he is one of the most promising actor of the industry.

            The challenges, struggles and painful rejections are always there to question your passion. Those who overcome these mile stones are very few. ‘ And The Oscar Goes To ‘ movie is an inspiration to the aspiring film makers of tomorrow.  This movie will prepare you, if your dream is film making. It will warn you and will make you aware of the situations that a newcomer has to face. Also it shows how much the struggles worth in the end. If you have a pure passion for film making and if being part of a movie is your dream, this movie would be the fuel to fire your heart. And the Oscar goes to definitely goes to the collection of this years best movies. So don’t miss it on theaters!!

Rating : 4/5

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