90’s Kid’s all-time favorite Pokemon Movie ready for release

The kids of ’90s are really proud of the things they got to enjoy before the take over of technology. They enjoyed their time playing outside the house instead of staring at mobile phones. There’s a lot of nostalgic stuff stored in their childhood memory. Some cartoons are unforgettable to them. One of them is called Pokemon. They can’t forget the pokemon trainer “Ash” and his buddy “Pikachu”. Also a few years before a game called “Pokemon Go” went viral. It was a mobile game in which we have to catch pokemon on our way. It became so addicted to some teenagers and caused problems.


The movie name is “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu”.The main excitement factor for the movie is definitely the name “Ryan Reynolds”. He is giving the voice for Pikachu in the movie. In animated series, Pikachu can’t talk at all. But the movie shows a talking Pikachu. And this voice is going to be our favorite one and only Deadpool Ryan’s. The Marvel comics movie Deadpool was a huge success on box office. Ryan Reynolds is one of the key reason for it. In deadpool, we’ve seen the comedy and brilliant action sequence altogether. So the trailer of Pokemon gives us hope that the movie has comedy and action thriller experience.

Pokemon also are known as “Pocket Monsters” in Japan. Its all began in Japan in 1996. They released a game called “Pokemon red and blue” for playing in Gameboy. From there the franchise developed and started to make animated films and series. Pokemon animated series depicted on the stories of superpower creatures called Pokemon and their trainers who catch them and trained for battle.


The movie is based on the game called “Detective Pikachu” by Creatures, Inc. The trailer gives away the plot as its a story of a 21-year-old boy called Tim. His father went missing after an accident .so he is trying to find his father with Pikachu formerly belonged to Tim’s father and now the only person who can understand what Pikachu talks are only Tim. So they are teaming up and investigating the mystery behind the missing of his father. The trailer shows that its a comedy fantasy action combo which will definitely entertain everyone. The movie directed by “Rob Letterman”.

The movie will be a great experience for everyone. Trailer is very convincing and seen by millions of people on YouTube. Both kids and adults can equally enjoy the movie. Especially the 90’s kids can once again feel nostalgic about their childhood favorite cartoon and characters in it. The movie is set to release on May 3rd in Japan and May 10th worldwide.

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