UNDA Movie Review : Realistic Entertainer!

Unda is a Malayalam action comedy film co-written and directed by Khalid Rahman. The director entered to the Malayalam film industry with his debut blockbuster Anuraga Karikkin Vellam. Unda is produced by Moviee Mill and distributed by Gemini Studios. The film starred by Mammootty, Shine Tom Chacko, Jacob Gregory and Arjun Ashokan in the lead roles also Kalabhavan Shajohn, Director Ranjith and Dileesh Pothan takes part in it. The music was composed by Prashant Pillai and Harshad co-wrote the screenplay. Cinematography by Sajith Purushan and edited by Nishad Yusuf. Unda is actually adapted from the real life events. The budget of the movie is estimated around 12 crore.

The film narrates the story of a nine men police unit who travel from Kerala to a Maoist affected area in Chhattisgarh for the Parliamentary election duty. Sub-inspector Manikandan C.P (Mammootty) leads the unit in this mission. It’s totally a realistic movie with the elements of Laughter-Thriller and  Mammootty wins the hearts of the audience with his another versatile police officer role. The story moves through the life of Kerala police officers and it tells simply and perfectly the danger side of the police job on maoist affected area without getting the audience bored. The background music of the movie perfectly prepared with the taste of north Indian style. Unda will take us to the risks and complications of the police job and director ensured that everyone who watches the film will feel the same tension of the officers on big screen.

Director Khalid Rahman succeeded in unveiling the sacrifices of police officers more with a realistic style. There’s no over dramatic or even dramatic punch lines in it so some will feel it’s a Slow Pace movie. The biggest star in the industry just becomes an ordinary police officer in front of the camera. Mammootty shows a completely different side of a sub inspector, different and more realistic and simple from all the police roles he had done in the past. There’s humor, action and suspense mixed up in a brilliant way also With megastar Mammootty’s screen presence and performance makes Unda an enjoyable theater experience to anyone. All the co actors given their best to the movie and all we sees in the big screen would be a bunch of kerala policemen and their dutiful life.

Unda is a pure screen portrayal of the real life events occurred in the past. The direction of Khalid is really appreciation worthy. He managed to create a vibe of humor, fear and suspense in audiences mind. Movie never gets bored for viewers even though it’s a realistic sometimes slow paced one. Mammootty’s performance is really awesome as always. He succeeded in presenting Sub Inspector Manikandan on big screen by staying perfectly within the character. Mammooty’s big stardom never reflects on S I Manikandan, so hats off to that performance. All the youngsters performed in the movie done a real good job with their characters. So Unda is a real versatile entertainer that you should never miss. It will definitely  take you to the risk filled life of every policemen who risks their life and fulfills their duty.

Rating : 4/5

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