Thoovanathumbikal : A Love poetry for Generations

Thoovanathumbikal, is an evergreen movie from P. Padmarajan. Movie was released in 1987 July 31. This evergreen romantic drama portrays story of Jayakrishnan who falls in love with Radha and Clara. Thoovanathumbikal, romantic drama is based partly on Padmarajan’s novel Udakappola.

Thoovanathumbikal was a super hit in box office that time and characters still remains in Malayalam film audience. Film score and songs, characters and dialogues made the movie one of the best Indian films of all time. Rain was portrayed beautifully as one of the character. Thoovanathumbikal made rain more romantic.


Movie was a new cult at that time. Character of Clara still remains as a dream character. Enchanting female character Clara and the rain took Thoovanathumbikal to great heights. Lead male character, was played by Mohanlal and lead female characters Radha and Clara by Parvathy and Sumalatha. The characters are still not whitewashed even after three decades. Jagathy Sreekumar, Babu Namboothiri, Ashokan played other lead roles in this super hit romantic drama.

Jayakrishnan is a bachelor, having his own vision about life and especially about marriage. He lives as hardworking family man in his village, as guy celebrating life with his friends in town. Movie talks about his life, how he falls in love with Radha and Clara and his struggles to take decision about his partner.


Jayakrishnan is a typical Malayali guy, who is hardworking and works on his own farm. Also, he enjoys a modern lifestyle with his friends in town. After a long time, Jayakrishnan meets Radha , a distant relative. He falls for her. He decides to propose her and he went to her college and there Radha refused his proposal.

Jayakrishnan is persuaded to write a letter to Clara’s father by his friend. The objective is to fool him, thereby to introduce Clara to the sex industry. Thangal, pimp made him to be part of this. As he starts witting letter, it begins to rain outside. Later movie tells us that Clara decides to become sex worker, inorder to come out of all problems that she had in her home.


Clara, her character and her background made us close to her. She was from a coastal fishing community and her stepmother always mistreats her. Jayakrishnan was down because of Radha and Thangal forced him to meet Clara. Thus he agrees to meet Clara as her first customer.

Later Jayakrishnan got to know that Clara was a virgin and this shook him. He proposed Clara. She doesn’t want to cause any troubles for him since she considered herself as a sex worker.

Meanwhile, Radha heard about Jayakrishnan from her brother. Her brother told her that that was the first time that Jayakrishnan proposed one girl. she heard many stories about Jayakrishnan from her brother. She started loving him and she agrees for the marriage. When Radha expressed her feelings, Jayakrishnan was feeling different and he explains everything to her. Admiring his sincerity, she expressed that she is still ready for the marriage.


Clara, after long time came to visit Jayakrishnan and it was raining that time. Jayakrishnan tells Clara about Radha and Clara was happy and she told him that never disappoint Radha. Jayakrishnan and Radha decides to get married.

Jayakrishnan later got one call from Clara saying that she is coming to Ottapalam railway station for her final meeting. Radha asks him not to go and he couldn’t resist meeting with Clara. He reached station and Radha also reached there secretly. Clara appear with her husband and their child there and this shocked both of them. Clara there leaves Jayakrishnan forever and Radha and Jayakrishnan unites at movie end.

Songs ‘Megham Poothu Thudangi’ and ‘Onnam Raagam Paadi’ from Thoovanathumbikal movie is still remains as one of the hit songs. Excellent BGM by Johnson, songs composition by Perumbavoor G Ravidranath, lyrics by Sreekumaran Thampi actually made music also a character of Thoovanathumbikal. Movie is an unforgettable Malayalam film even decades after its release. In a 2013 online poll, film became the 8th greatest Indian film of all time among other 100 films from different Indian languages.


Padmarajan portrayed Clara as beautiful, strong willed. Also as a complex woman character that Malayalam Cinema never had even before or after Thoovanathumbikal. Padmarajan was successful in making audience with a sense of bonding to Clara. And this bond was strong enough because of her character, who goes as sex worker to get out of her chains from step mother and someone who marries to a widower for helping Jayakrishnan to have a life.

Even years after release, the movie remains as one of the best romantic movie ever made in Malayalam Cinema History. Rain and the background music for Clara and Jayakrishnan meetings made them more close to our hearts. It’s a film for all generations and it’s an unforgettable experience every time when we watch this movie.

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